A Case for Xbox

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I’ve had Nintendo consoles, PC games, PlayStations, handheld consoles, mobile games, and of course, each generation of Xbox (aside from the new Xbox One X iteration – donations will be accepted via cash or PayPal). I’ve had some many of my best gaming experiences on Xbox and most of my gaming friends have one.

The console has taken a lot of heat recently for not having many console-exclusive titles to steer people away from PlayStation. I believe that the Xbox still holds down an important space in the gaming world and then some. Read my thoughts in my opinion piece for GrownGaming.com at http://www.growngaming.com/feature/in-support-of-xbox/

Hunting Season

I was hoping to have a really cool picture to post with this of me proudly holding a buck three times my size, but alas, the above picture is from last year. That was my first deer, though I have been hunting for four years or so. Deer season is still in full swing, though opening weekend came and went without me pulling the trigger. I may not be done yet – I’ll have time to go out again during the coming weekend, but opening weekend certainly seems like the ideal time to drop a deer. Even so, good times were had and I am already looking forward to next year – in the stand or otherwise.

Like I’ve done the last several years, I took a half-day of work last Friday to gather my things and make sure I was stocked up on everything for deer camp. My wife had been preparing for a week long work trip, so I was trying to take the planning and inventory into my own hands. Despite my misplaced confidence, I did a predictably terrible job. I married a planner, something that I did not do by mistake. On my own, I forgot a pillow and blanket, boots, ibuprofen (a morning necessity), long underwear top, orange hat, and Hot Hands hand warmers. I did manage to bring women’s gloves, beer, snacks, and almost enough warm clothes. I even stopped to get someone else’ forgotten boots. I am an imbecile. I borrowed some goods from my father in law and my busy wife even made a special trip down with stuff before she left. They were both very impressed with my beer-remembering skills.

I hunt with the fellas on my wife’s side of the family. We have a “cabin” planted on some farm land owned by her brother-in-law. Despite it’s shed-like appearance, we’ve whipped it into shape over the last few years with a wood-burning stove, bunks, an outhouse, and now a porch. It is a lovely little place where the Busch Light flows like a river and signal is just good enough to get the occasional text from my wife reminding me about the highlights of basic gun safety. Each night we heat up deer chili or something similar, throw back some brews, and play cards. This year was only my second time playing poker, so I was very happy to have only lost $15 on the weekend. I’m sure I would have won if I wore sunglasses like the pros on TV. Even if I had thought of that, I probably would’ve forgotten the shades at home anyway.

Perfect for six grown men (pre-porch)

We all stay in the cabin at night and then fan out early in the morning. Some stay in tree stands right around the cabin while others have to do a little traveling. I had to drive about 20 minutes to my stand set up out behind my grandpa’s house. I was pretty pumped to get to hunt on my family’s land this year. As I mentioned earlier, opening morning seems like the perfect time to shoot a deer. There is a sense of excitement and adrenaline, though I haven’t had any luck on that morning so far. Plus, I was underdressed and had a self-induced headache this year, so it seemed a little less magical. I went out a few more times over the weekend, seeing an undersized six-point buck, 17 doe, two owls, and some field mice. I had a good shot on the buck, but was more interested in an impressive rack than just more meat for the freezer.

Hunting is fun. Being outdoors and having to stay alert with your head on a swivel for something to shoot is a pretty awesome departure from daily routines. If you shoot something though, you have to cut it’s guts out, which isn’t my favorite thing. What is my favorite thing is the comradery, cards, and memories made with good people. I’m not going to trade in my Xbox for a new tree stand any time soon, but no matter what happens this weekend I’ll be out there again next year and the one after that.

Metroid: Samus Returns Review (3DS)

It will shock you to learn that I have reviewed a video game. If you are a Nintendo or handheld gaming fan, check out my new review of Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS at http://www.growngaming.com/review/metroid-samus-returns-review-3ds. You can also check it out if you’re a Wil Harrington fan that just wants to see what I’m up to. I’ll love you either way.

I am excited about the prospect of contributing material for http://www.growngaming.com/ and will be posting my video game related articles there moving forward. Thank you everybody for your support! Game on!

The Thunder: So Far, So Promising

We are now nearly three weeks into the 2017-18 NBA season. How soon should we begin to assess all of the offseason maneuvers taken by each team? Avery Bradley has had a hot and cold start in Detroit, Paul Millsap has started to look like he’s figuring things out in Denver, and Brook Lopez is only playing 25 minutes per game for the Lakers. There is a lot to dissect if you’re into doing it so soon, but I suppose that’s why you’ve clicked this article. The Thunder are 4-4 as I write this, good for 10th in the West so far (only a win or two from moving up multiple spots). The Cavaliers are 10th in the East and the Spurs are on the outside looking in as well in the West, so you can certainly see that things are bound to change. I don’t care. I want to assess the Thunder anyway.

So far, the big three for the Thunder look pretty good. Carmelo Anthony is leading the team in points per game, which despite his history of studly basket-making skills, is surprising. The general consensus was that Westbrook would remain the alpha dog, Paul George would be the clear-cut number two guy, and Melo would be a catch and shoot stretch big man, taking a bit of a backseat. Taking a backseat has never been Melo’s style, as he demonstrated by fending off emerging star Kristaps Porzingis in New York for scoring looks the last couple of seasons. The pre-season idea was that we would see “Team USA Melo”, meaning efficient scoring mixed with solid defense and an emphasis on rebounding. Hoodie Melo has displayed solid defense, but his rebounding is a bit down while still scoring at a clip we’ve seen from him the last couple of years. Paul George is right where most expected him to be statistically. He has (so far) seen a slight decline in his points, rebounds, and assists, while getting a bump in steals. So where does that leave last year’s NBA MVP?

Photo from news-cdn.wagertalk.com

Westbrook led the NBA in points per game last year at 31.6. He averaged 24 field goal attempts per contest to get there. So far this season, he is averaging 19.5 points and 16 field goal attempts per game. 12 points per game less is a very steep decline no-matter what a player averaged the previous year. The decline in field goal attempts was expected, but is also a pretty staggering difference. Another surprising figure that stands out is a 64% free throw percentage despite still getting almost six attempts per game. This percentage as well as his scoring average are likely to raise and settle into the numbers we have come to expect from one of the association’s top players, but this is a very early assessment after all (which I will likely continue to point out because it really is SO EARLY). The Brodie’s assists are up and he is still nearly averaging a triple-double, so he is getting along in historic fashion despite the uncharacteristic numbers. He is technically on pace to have more trip-dub outings this season than last, if you can believe it.

The Thunder are one of the most defensively efficient teams in the NBA, which is a pleasant surprise. A lot of people like myself said that the key to OKC’s success this year would be a defensive focus and team-oriented mindset. We knew that the offense would be solid between Russ, Melo, and PG-13. There are a lot of capable defenders on the roster – we know that Westbrook and George are tenacious and Andre Roberson is bordering on elite as a wing defender. Steven Adams has never been a top-tier rim protector, but he is solid in the post and has improved his steal and block numbers per game. In fact, Adams has improved across the board much the way people expected he would before last season began, following a strong 2016 postseason campaign. Plus, he is essentially a pirate.

Photo from si.com

As I had mentioned, the new players were expected to bring a healthy punch on offense while playing solid D. With all of the pre-season expectations though came concerns as well. One worry was depth. The starting five looked great, but the bench was a little underwhelming for a team looking to challenge the Warriors’ reign in the West. So far, so good from what I’ve seen off the bench for the Thunder. With Westbrook, you need a backup point guard that can give you a couple of minutes without mental errors while Russ catches his breath before coming back in to breathe more fire – Veteran Raymond Felton fills that role nicely. Alex Abrines has been off to a bit of a slow start, but is a capable shooter that the Thunder need. Jerami Grant has been a bright spot off of the bench playing very good defense and providing his usual energy.

With an intimidating starting lineup, a serviceable backup crew, and one of the NBA’s top defenses, the Oklahoma City Thunder are looking good out of the gate to start the 2017-18 NBA season. Westbrook will only improve as he figures out how to lead his new cast, which is a wild thing to say about a player that is already nearly averaging a triple-double (again). Paul George and Carmelo Anthony already seem surprisingly comfortable and Steven Adams is showing marked improvement, which is important. If you picked the Thunder to be one of the top teams in the NBA, don’t fear, you are looking smart at this point. We still need to see them play some of the league’s best squads, but there have already been more than a few flashes of their potential brilliance. Thunder up.

Missouri State – Why not be a fan?

I know quite a few people – dozens even. Many of them are sports fans, be it professional or collegiate. Some even follow high school sports teams despite not being in high school or having any kids who are either. Why would people do that? It isn’t for me personally because high schoolers are comparatively terrible at sports, covered in acne, and well… mostly children. However, a lot of people though just love to cheer for their hometown team or old high school team, which makes sense.

The aforementioned college sports fans that I know have varied preferences when it comes to the colleges or universities they root for. Living in Missouri, I know fans of Mizzou, Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas as well as the classics like Duke, North Carolina, and many more. When people ask me who my favorite college team is, be it basketball, football, or whatever, the answer is the same: the Missouri State Bears. For some reason, people often just snicker and ask for my actual favorite team. My response is always the same: the Missouri State Bears. I don’t necessarily understand why that is so strange.

Now, it should be noted that I’m not the biggest follower of college sports. As I’ve pointed out in the past, I strongly prefer professional sports over all else because it is the game being played at the highest level. That being said, you can’t be a big pro sports fan without being relatively familiar with the college sports scene – that’s where all of the pro prospects come from after all. Getting back to the question of my favorite college team… My answer really confuses people. The reason is of course that MSU isn’t a well-known sports school. They have all the major sports teams and are division I in each. They don’t play in a power conference and haven’t seen a substantial amount of national success. Why be a fan?

I am a fan of Missouri State athletics for much the same reason that many people spend their Friday nights at their old high school. I went to Missouri State and feel a strong sense of school pride. No, I didn’t play collegiate sports or even always do my part in filling the seats for every game. I still spent four (maybe four and a half) years there walking the campus, taking courses, and wearing a lot of maroon and white. We  Really, it would be strange for me to claim any other school than Missouri State when asked who my favorite college team is.

I know a lot of diehard Mizzou fans that have only been to the campus for a few football games, nothing else. I know some OU fans who have most likely never even left the state of Missouri before. People can be fans of teams for random reasons, I get that. I probably only prefer the Cardinals to the Royals because my Dad did. I am a Thunder fan because not long after I became an NBA fan, they relocated to OKC from Seattle, becoming the closest NBA team to me. I also understand that not everyone goes to college, but many are still college sports fans for the fanfare and run-through- a-brick- wall mentality that isn’t always as apparent in pro sports. The point I’m trying to make here is that everyone is entitled to their favorite, so I am justified in having Missouri State as my favorite college team for sports. I may not get to see them on ESPN very often and the football team doesn’t always come out on top, but those are my teams.

The highs and the lows might not include phrases like “national championship” or “one-and- done”, but you just have to adjust your expectations. You don’t expect your hometown class 1 high school team to compete with a class 5 high school team. I don’t expect MSU to beat Alabama in football. Missouri State is clearly too focused on things like the College of Business and academics in general. My alma mater is still my favorite sports school and always will be. Go Bears!


Halloween is weird as heck. People around the country decorate their houses with spiders, skeletons, and zombies in an attempt to lure masked children to their front door so they can shower them in unhealthy treats. It’s great. America is great.

The origins of Halloween are traced back to Celtics from what is now Ireland celebrating their new year (Nov. 1st). They thought ghosts and such came out to haunt on that day, but they would calm the spirits with treats. It’s common knowledge that ghosts just stopped existing all together in the 1930’s once they all moved into candy factories, gorged themselves, and exploded into candied bits. That’s where M&Ms came from. Look it up. We continue to celebrate regardless.

Halloween has evolved over the years and means different things to different people. Like with most holidays, folks have various traditions. Some go out seeking treats, some stay in and dole them out, some ignore it all together, some use it as an excuse to dress as crazy or as scantily as possible. Like I said, it’s weird. I’ve done many of the above (aside from dressing scantily, but I’m still young – there’s time) and I can’t say definitively what my preference would be. Doing nothing is a little sad, so that’s ruled out.

As a kid, I loved Halloween. Getting to pick out a costume and go out seeking candy is an obvious blast for kids. The first costume I can remember wearing was a trash bag that looked like a pumpkin, filled with balled-up newspaper. I’m not sure the bag was intended to be a costume, but it wound up adorable anyway. Not surprisingly I was also a 3 ½ foot tall Darth Vader. Twice. Once I was the Riddler from Batman because I was obsessed with Jim Carrey. I went once as a mad scientist with one of those strange glasses/nose/mustache combos and an Einstein wig. I mastered a slow head turn that actually made it pretty darn scary. I went as death (aluminum foil scythe and all) and likely would have terrified every poor old person in the nursing home if I was taller than 4 feet or so.

In college I always went to a Halloween pub-crawl dressed in either a couple’s costume with my girlfriend/fiance/wife (college was eventful for us) or with a larger group in costume. It made for some fantastic people-watching, but it isn’t always ideal to go to the same packed bars as hundreds of other thirsty college students. I’ve also spent a couple of Halloweens at my sister-in-law’s house, handing out candy to kids and the occasional too-big-for-Halloween weirdy, though my nieces do most of the handing-out work. My wife and her family are also big pumpkin carvers – a tradition that’s beginning to bleed over into my family as well.

However you spend your October 31st, whether it’s carving a poorly done face into a gourd, escorting your kids around in their expensive (or homemade/likely too time consuming) costumes, or staying in quietly watching spooky movies, it’s going to be a pretty good time. I’m considering going as Darth Vader for a third (or fourth?) time, but I’ll likely just dish out some goodies and have a pumpkin ale. I’ll have carved at least two pumpkins and will have a few too many pieces of my own candy. It’s tough to go wrong with Halloween.

Why I Love Lord of the Rings

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I should begin by pointing out that I have a huge heart. I am essentially the Grinch after he gave all of the toys back and his heart grew three sizes… or whatever unhealthy amount it was. I have previously discussed my love for Star Wars and how it all started. Now that you have a little more insight into how startlingly large my heart is, let us discuss how I still have room for the Lord of the Rings.

The story actually starts out much like how the Star Wars one did. My uncle gifted me the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS, then several years later, he gifted me the Lord of the Rings books when I was about 12 or so. Was he really such a gift-giving savant that he was intentionally shaping my life in such a fantastic way? Was he trying to get me beat up by my peers? Unfortunately, we will never know.

I read The Hobbit in 6th grade and was engrossed by J.R.R. Tolkien’s storytelling and the vast world that he created in Middle-earth. I am admittedly not the quickest reader, so the book took me a very long time to finish. I slowly read through the Lord of the Rings trilogy in Jr. High School, distracted by other things like sports and video games. The three movies were released in 2001, 2002, and 2013. I tried to wait until I was done with the books to watch them, I really did, but temptation got me before I started the final book in the series. I can’t really say that I regretted my decision, however.

The movies were instantly some of my favorites of all-time, just behind the Star Wars movies and right in the mix with cinema classic Dumb and Dumber. For The Hobbit, I had to come up with how all of the characters looked in my head. For the LOTR trilogy however, I was familiar enough with what the movie characters looked like that I was able to picture them as I read along. The films were CGI-heavy, which stands out more to me today than it did back then. The landscapes and battles were even more grand in the movies than I had pictured while reading the books though, and I believe they could even engross viewers that aren’t familiar with the fantasy genre.

Aside from the spectacular mood and feel of the series, the memorable characters also help the books and movies to stand out. The hilarious friendship of a Gimli the dwarf and Legolas the elf, the unlikely heroes in the half-sized Hobbits, and the unrivaled wisdom of the wizard Gandalf are just a few notable standouts. The LOTR series has spawned some solid video games such as the Return of the King game, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, and now Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

I’m not quite the Lord of the Rings fanboy that I am for my beloved Star Wars, but the movies have a “re-watchability” that is nearly unmatched and I plan to restart the book series again soon. One final shout-out here to my late uncle for introducing me to these fantastic fantasy worlds and continuing to shape who I am even though he is now gone. I recommend not only the movies, but the books to anybody, as they are all unquestioned classics.

Fantasy: The Rosetta Stone of Sports

Photo from https://twitter.com/dailyfntasy

Fantasy sports have made me a more informed citizen of the United States of America. Granted, they really just make me more knowledgeable about sports in general and I just happen to be a citizen of the USA, but still.

I wasn’t a big sports fanatic as a kid. I watched some baseball, but largely didn’t know what was going on in the world of sports beyond the St. Louis Cardinals. I even started playing sports in 3rd and 4th grade but it was all brand new to me. I never watched basketball or football (so yes, I was awful at the start of both) so I never had much interest. I started watching some basketball in early high school, but it wasn’t until I tried fantasy sports that my passion for the game really took off.

After just a couple of fantasy seasons, I could tell you the starting five players for all of the 30 NBA teams. You had to know who was going to be getting big minutes, who could hit threes for you, or who the next big thing was that you had to pick up for your team. The competition between your friends is the driving force that makes every weekly matchup interesting. There are basketball games essentially every day during NBA season, so you are always checking your phone or computer in the evenings to see if your players are flourishing or floundering. The same goes as you watch your opponent’s team. Oh, and also it makes you swear sometimes.

When I started dating my wife, I knew nothing about football. I could tell quickly that that could get me into some awkward situations. Her family frequently spent Sunday afternoons watching NFL games and I barely knew what a down was or how many points a field goal was worth. I thought back to fantasy basketball and realized that this situation wasn’t as hopeless as it seemed. It took a few seasons, but I got into a league with a bunch of friends in college and my mind was quickly filled with glorious sports knowledge. My wife’s family claims me in public, and I’m sure that’s the reason.

I am from Missouri and am a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Naturally, I know more about the Chiefs than I do any other team in the league. A coworker and I were recently having a conversation about our fantasy teams and we quickly realized how ridiculous it was that we were able to have the discussion we were having due to the randomness of the players we were talking about. We named eight or so starters on offense for the Minnesota Vikings. Why on Earth would we know about, let alone be discussing the starters for Minnesota? Fantasy knowledge, baby. Fantasy knowledge.

Speaking of conversations, guys don’t always have a lot to say to each other. I know there are exceptions to that and interests vary, but in my experience, you can almost always bring up sports. Sports are a nearly universal language and it is much easier to speak it if you play in fantasy leagues. I am confident in my ability to hold down an airport conversation with a fella from Orlando about his favorite basketball team or a gal from New Orleans about her favorite quarterback.

I’m not telling you to take your kids out of school and enroll them in a fantasy league, even though that would be hilarious. I’m just telling you that if you are a sports fan or would like to be, I recommend deepening your knowledge with some good ol’ virtual team management. It will make you so obnoxiously smart that people will start to roll their eyes with with jealousy when you launch into a spiel about basketball statistics or a football team’s third string running back. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to trash talk those closest to you. If you take nothing else away from this: NEVER pass up an opportunity to trash talk those closest to you.

State of The Blog

You’re still here! That’s fantastic! I appreciate everyone who has dropped a Facebook like or a favorite on Instagram, but especially folks like you, who are actually here reading what I have to write. You da real MVP.

I love when people tell me that they have been reading my posts. Some people have even been enjoying it, which seems like crazy-talk to me. You must be a little deranged or something. My primary objective in all of this is to build up a writing portfolio. I don’t have any professional experience in writing, so I am slowly building this site up to have something I can point to and say “This is what my work looks like”. So far, it’s been a lot of fun too.

I know most of my audience finds their way here through my Facebook posts, which means we’re friends (HI FRIEND). I don’t always share all of my posts on Facebook, because much of my content is focused in niche areas such as video games or the NBA, which aren’t for everyone. I am passionate about these things however and have a lot of fun writing down my thoughts about them. I hope to someday be in a position in which I could write professionally, at least part-time. If I could write about something I am passionate about… well, that’s the dream.

I have a great full-time job and am getting a big kick out of posting things to my blog, even if it’s only a couple of times per week. I am also going to try to break into some freelance writing/editing, which is a great way to get started in writing and you can do as much or as little as you want, assuming you can get gigs. This seems like a great time to plug myself (it is my website after all)!

If you or someone you know is looking for a freelance writer or editor to help you or a business out, hit me up in my Contact Me page!  Maybe you have a business and need someone to proof your email marketing, blog posts, or newsletters? Maybe you are a student that can’t afford to take any chances turning in a big paper and need it edited? Just contact me and we can discuss specifics!

Anyway… I have really been enjoying my creative space so far and the positive feedback I have received. I am always open to suggestions for ways to improve and love hearing from you guys in general. I will do my best to find the time and keep content coming, so be on the lookout for new posts, be it nerdy stuff, sports stuff, or details about my life that I am technically better off leaving private. I love you.

NBA Preview 2017-18

Tuesday October 17th begins the new NBA season. It will kick off with some solid matchups and a lot of familiar faces in new places. The defending champion Golden State Warriors look largely the same (ridiculous), while the rest of the league has been scrambling to either form teams to compete or to start building for the future. A few contenders have emerged, but another championship is essentially Golden State’s to lose.

Let’s start by looking to the East, where most of the offseason changes happened at the very top. Last year’s Eastern Conference champion Cleveland Cavaliers swapped star point guards with the #1 seed Boston Celtics. Kyrie Irving now looks to lead Boston alongside fellow newcomer Gordon Hayward, a first time All-Star last year for the Jazz. Isiah Thomas, some other guys, a 2018 first round draft pick, and a washing machine were traded to take Irving’s place. Oh, and the Cavs added James’ buddy Dwyane Wade too. Multiple Finals appearances were not enough to make Irving want to stay with LeBron in Cleveland, and we won’t have to wait long to see the two clash, as the two teams face each other to tip-off the season.

Photo from usatoday.com

The Raptors, Wizards, Bucks, and Heat bring back squads that resemble what we saw last year. The young Bucks are another year older and hope that Jabari Parker and Khris Middleton can stay on the floor all year to help them challenge the top teams in the East. The Wizards finally got a healthy season from shooting guard Bradley Beal and are going to continue to lean on their strong backcourt. The Hawks, Pacers, and Bulls appear to be entering a rebuilding stage, while the Philadelphia 76ers try to emerge from one. After multiple years of tanking to acquire draft picks, the 76ers have built up a very solid team of potential stars. Only time will tell how quickly they can grow and compete.

Out in the Western Conference, as I mentioned, it is the Warriors who look to reign supreme. Last year’s addition of Kevin Durant took the already star-powered team to unheard of heights. By the time the playoffs rolled around, they were clicking and a 70+ win season could be on the horizon this year. The 61-win Spurs remain much the same, though they did add Rudy Gay to fill in some of the scoring void left by an under-performing LaMarcus Aldridge. They will again be lead by the man with the world’s largest hands: MVP candidate Kawhi Leonard.

The Clippers dealt Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets for some role players, highlighted by Patrick Beverly and Lou Williams, who alongside newcomer Danilo Gallinari, will look to keep L.A. relevant after losing Redick and Crawford as well. The Rockets will be a top team in the West again led by bearded scoring savant, James Harden. They hope to see young center Clint Capela become DeAndre Jordan-esque when paired with Paul. The Thunder made plenty of moves as well, acquiring Paul George and Carmelo Anthony while only giving up essentially a rack of basketballs and half a pair of Jordan’s. Adding these pieces to MVP Russell Westbrook’s squad could put them near the top of the standings, though they will have depth issues to address.

Photo from ftw.usatoday.com

The Denver Nuggets, with the improvement of Nikola Jokic and addition of Paul Millsap will fight to enter the playoffs, which they just missed last year (arguably due to the legalization of marijuana). The Pelicans hope to see their frontcourt tandem of Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins pay off as well. The Timberwolves will likely be one of the most improved teams, having added Jimmy Butler and Jeff Teague to their young core of talented players. The Jazz and Grizzlies will both take steps back, as the Lakers and Suns look to take steps forward as they develop their young players. Lavar Ball will have beef with everyone.

This was undeniably the busiest NBA offseason as far as big-name player movement. “The Decision” by LeBron to go to Miami in 2010 seemed to have kicked off a new era in the NBA in which the players choose to exercise more control of which team they are on. So many players on new teams will be a little nuts. We will also be seeing some small logos on many team’s jerseys, which is a first. The league has cut down on back-to-back games for teams and has put punishments in place for teams who rest star players for nationally televised contests. Teams have also been given slimmer chances at top draft picks for losing, to discourage intentional tanking. The format for the All-Star game has changed in hopes to make it more competitive. There have been some other tweaks, but you’ve probably already stopped caring.

This should be a wild season! I’ll be tweeting about it pretty constantly, so don’t forget to tune into the games and follow your favorite blogger on Twitter @WilHarrington