I do not like the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors – I do not like them here or there, I do not like them anywhere.

Could I root for them in a house? Could I root for them if I was a louse? Maybe. A louse seems like it could really relate to Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins.

There was a time when I was absolutely rooting for Golden State. Stephen Curry was finally consistently healthy and pairing nicely with fellow sharpshooter, Klay Thompson. The Warriors built that team through the draft, including Draymond Green, who had not yet blossomed into such an obvious buffoon.

The threes, the ball movement, the impossible-made-possible by Steph Curry – it made for one of the most exciting basketball teams in the NBA. I am a big fan of parity in the association, so for this organic squad to rise to the top in the absence of Kobe Bryant and the Big-3 era Celtics was a blast for me.

With the addition of Andre Iguodala and a solid supporting cast, they transformed into one of the greatest teams in history. During the 2015-16 season, they won a record 73 games but somehow proved mortal, falling into a 3-1 hole against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals. They still managed to claw back but did lose to LeBron James and his over-performing Cleveland Cavaliers.

Then, something terrible happened.

After losing those Finals, Draymond Green immediately text the best scorer in the NBA, OKC Thunder forward, Kevin Durant in an attempt to recruit him. What do you do if you’re KD? The Thunder were one game from beating the top team in regular-season history and advancing to the Finals with the team that drafted you, playing for a city that completely embraced you.

Well, if you can’t beat ’em… or even if you could beat ’em but just blew it, apparently, you join ’em. From a competitive standpoint: what an a-hole.

I love the NBA as a whole more than I love any individual team. That said, I would claim the OKC Thunder as my favorite if you were making me choose. You would think that would make me biased, but the consensus of basketball fandom seems to agree that this was a cowardly move by Durant.

Wil Harrington could have joined Golden State instead of Durant and won a title that following season. That’s how meaningless his championship ring is. The cowardliness of joining the team that beat his will forever outweigh any accomplishments he has with them once it’s said and done.

As for the rest of the team, my issue is fatigue. As I mentioned, I appreciate parity, so for one team to be on top for so long has worn on me.

Draymond Green is a groin-kicking pissy-pants that is just in the right situation on a great team. Klay Thompson is an incredible shooter, but he is so wooden that when he celebrates or pretends to be fired-up it is just awkward for everyone.

I still love Steph Curry, but all the shoulder-shimmying and cutsie stuff isn’t as likable when you are such a front-runner. At that point, it is just showboating. Keep your mouthguard in your mouth, Steph. Oh, and his Under Armour shoe line looks like it would be purchased only by old men that would pronounce his name “Steven.”

DeMarcus Cousins mostly speaks for himself. He is a hot-head superstar that left a decent situation to sign for minimum money to get a ring. When healthy, he may be a top-3 center in the NBA. He has been hurt most of the year and hasn’t had time to mesh well anyway.

Sounds like a bunch of sour grapes right? Yup. I won’t argue that I am a complaining complainer who complains when it comes to these guys. I’m not usually one to so staunchly root against a team, but things are different with this squad.

I was bummed to see Kevin Durant’s achilles injury. I was hoping he could be on the floor AND lose to the Toronto Raptors in these Finals. Though I like the Warriors more without him, I’ll still be rooting for their downfall as the current series concludes.

Hopefully, they blow up over the offseason and I can start rooting for a few of these guys again. Not you though, Draymond. Go Raptors! #WeTheNorth

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