Draft Day

Arguably the most important day of any fantasy season whether it’s football, basketball, or fantasy Bachelorette… is draft day. I should note that I’ve surprisingly never played fantasy Bachelorette, so I’m just guessing.

Draft day is when you meticulously select your players for the upcoming fantasy season. You are never alone, as your rivals are also selecting who they think will give them the best chance to walk away victorious in the end. You might spring for someone that no one else thought of. Or, you might be eyeing a player only to see them be selected right before your turn to pick. It is a masculine emotional rollercoaster. Tears can’t be seen streaming, however, only insults.

Sure, you can drop, add, and trade players for the majority of the year. The draft though is where you establish the core of your team to set the tone for the season. The first couple of rounds are always the most exciting. That’s where you select the cream of the crop that will be the centerpieces for your team. On draft day, you can be optimistic and at least have a day or two to have a full team that you can have total faith in. Two days later, your top pick might get hurt in practice and be out for a few months or the whole season – considerably less fun than draft day.

Many leagues draft differently. Some have a physical big board with the names of draft picks that can be selected that are then removed once they are on a team. The leagues I am in always do a live online draft. That means that everyone has their own computer or even phone and can draft remotely. The remote option works great for leagues that have managers located all over the place. Even so, we always try to get as many people as possible together for the aforementioned insulting, ceremonial drinking of beer, and general camaraderie of it all.

To me, draft day is the most enjoyable part of any fantasy season. Well, unless you wind up winning the whole thing I suppose. Then payday and bragging are the best parts. Draft day is when you finally get to put all of your plans into motion and form the best, most competitive team you can. It is the kickoff to another fantasy season that will end in triumph or failure. Before any team has a win or a loss, it’s your big chance to say “My team would kick your team’s ass”, and really, that’s what it’s all about!

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