Let’s Get Started

A great man once said, “Do what you want, chase your dreams, and always get an extra ranch.” That great man… was me.

There are many great takeaways from this single quote. It could inspire someone to go to college. Someone else might read it and decide to finally write that song they’ve been thinking about. Someone could even take the brave step of going from medium buffalo sauce to hot at their favorite wing spot. For me, the egomaniacal architect of this quote, it means starting a blog.

Why start a blog? I have a burning… an itch really. The doctor says it’s nothing, so I believe that it must be in my soul. I have always liked writing. Sure, it was most often an annoyance in an academic setting, but there was definitely a lingering level of enjoyment at all times. There is something relaxing about sitting down at a keyboard or even with a pen and paper and knocking out whatever I have on my mind, however, I want to do it. If you know me very well, then the opportunity to know what’s on my mind might frighten you. I like to think I’m fairly normal, but I guess I’ll leave that up to your interpretation.

I’m excited to have a space to put my thoughts and various information about things I find interesting. I plan to blog a lot about experiences and thoughts that I have in my life, but I also plan to hit on some of my major interests like sports and entertainment. Sports being predominately NFL football and NBA basketball. Entertainment being predominately video games and other nerdy things like Star Wars. I guess that is if you consider Star Wars nerdy. I personally know, literally, thousands of people that think it’s super cool. I talk to all of them every day. I might even hit on some philosophy once I’m a little more comfortable putting my thoughts out on the internet. Sneak peek though: I think that dancing should be allowed in public. More controversial topics to come.

I vow to always try to keep things interesting, use humor as tastefully as the next comedic savant, and say I love you every morning. You don’t have to be a sports or video game geek to find things here that might apply to you. Have you been married? Ridden in an Uber? Or waged war against your front lawn? There will be content for you. Just be patient, as I sometimes use prime writing time for other important things like chasing my cat or cracking a cold one. I’ll be posting soon, but again in the meantime, I love you very much.

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